Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Eight Months and Counting

When Emme was born and people were all, "Treasure every moment, it goes so fast," I was like, "Whatever, get me out of this prison of my own making."

Easter Sunday.
But now, NOW, I get it. I'd still be OK with skipping those first six weeks or so, but now I'd like to slow down time because Emme is racing toward that one year mark, and her seventh month was a big one.

Look at those eyes.

We went through some rough patches with her sleep this month, but right as things normalized again (though I don't even know what normal sleep is anymore), she hit some big developmental milestones. Our biggest leap this month was that Emme started crawling. After a solid four weeks of alllllllllmost crawling, she finally got the hang of it midway through this month. She also started pulling herself up to a standing position. She's doesn't do it all the time, and depending on what is there for her to hang on to, she sometimes doesn't make it all the way up. But she's getting there.

St. Patty's Day.

Solids are going well. I don't think she's actually rejected any food outright (she is her father's daughter). This month we added yogurt and a little bit of chicken to the mix.

She's my hot mess.
I got better about keeping Emme on her daycare schedule while at home. The one area where we are really struggling is the third nap. She's kind of dropped it--though once in awhile I can get her to do a brief catnap on the weekends around 4:30pm--but now that she is crawling and expending so much more energy, this bug is barely able to stay awake for 15 minutes once we get her home from daycare. It's nearly impossible to feed her dinner and nurse her (she typically falls asleep nursing before 6pm, sometimes she barely makes it to 5:30). This means she's waking up hungry around 4am, which is not cool. I'm planning to talk to daycare to see if they'd be willing to give her solids in the afternoon around 4pm when she has her last bottle.

Nursing went well this month, and I've dropped my evening pump, which has been very freeing, and made me less angry about pumping overall. While we're using some freezer stock, I am able to replenish some of it by pumping once in the morning on the weekends. We're definitely on track to make it until 9 months, maybe longer exclusively with breastmilk. Depending on where we're at, I'll probably drop from pumping three times a day to twice around 10 months.

Spring time in Chicagoland.
Mostly though, Emme has just been a lot of fun. Her smile makes my heart feel like it's about to burst, and she's easily amused by mommy and daddy. It makes me sad to see the weekends go by so fast, and I feel like I'm just not getting enough time with her. But I guess that's how every mom feels.

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