Friday, May 31, 2013

Double Digits: 10 Months

Tomorrow, on the first of June, Emme hits the 10 month mark, which means we are officially in double digits and within range of the one-year mark. I can hardly believe it.

I skipped her last update. I started to write it, but eight months was definitely one of those months where not a lot changed drastically. She just perfected what she started doing in the seventh month--more crawling and more standing. The biggest milestone in her eighth month was that she finally got her first tooth.

But her ninth month was BIG. After weeks of pulling up to stand, she learned how to balance while standing without holding on to anything, and, as of a few days ago, she's cruising along furniture. She's increasingly harder to contain, a baby who is happiest when she is on the go.

And that's not all... this month we were treated to waving, clapping and even a few high fives. She's not one to perform on command, but from time to time, she'll indulge us with these new tricks. Her new favorite toys are her stacking rings, and she knows how to put the rings on the stand. She's also beginning to figure out her sorting blocks, regularly getting the block into the correctly hole. Watching her play--watching her mind make all these connections--is one of my favorite pastimes.

As for the important stuff, night sleep has continued to be consistent, and I usually (knock on wood) get a full nights sleep of seven to eight hours though we're still trying to teach her that waking up after 6am is way better than waking up before 6am. She remains unconvinced. She's eating solids like crazy (she is a her father's daughter), but with the exception of a three-day sort-of nursing strike, she's continued to want to nurse.

Over the last two months, I've told several people that while in the hospital after giving birth, we had professional photos of her taken. She was just two days old, and she screamed her head off through the vast majority of the shoot. I said to the photographer, "This is normal, right? All babies are like this, aren't they?" In my postpartum haze, I didn't think much of it, but I realize now that she must have been giving me one of those "Oh honey..." looks of pity when she said, "Well... this one's a firecracker."

And she is. She has been a firecracker from the beginning--she is not peaceful (OK, she's a little bit peaceful in the above photo, which was taken after a solid hour of nightmare behavior during her baptism); she is not laid back; she is not easy. She was not content with her plight as a newborn and has been raring to go since day 1. Now that she can go, she is on the move all the time. But, despite the challenges that come with an active, headstrong baby, I wouldn't trade it for the world. We are beyond thankful to have our healthy, happy, headstrong firecracker.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Spring Reboot

Holy hell, it’s May. To kick off the month, I have hit rock bottom: I’m wearing yoga pants and a maternity top to work today. This is partially because I have not had time to switch out my winter wardrobe (Didn’t it snow last week?) and instead dumped bins of spring clothing onto my floor and grabbed the first non-sweater I could find, but also because I’m in one of those moods. You know, the mood where you are pretty sure that you should just give up and wear a tent.

Just me?

But from this point, I can only go up. Right? May is going to be better. May has to be better.

For starters, I am finally not sick--not quite healthy, but not sick. After being hit with seasonal allergies worse than I have ever experienced (I typically take one Claritin come the spring thaw and never think about it again), I can once again breath through my nose without the aid of a spray, which I’m pretty sure I was becoming addicted to. Neti pot to the rescue!

And so, as the babe hits the nine month mark (update later this week!), I feel strongly that we are at the beginning of the end of our nursing relationship (or at the very least the beginning of the end of me pumping three times a day), and I am desperate to get into a routine that better addresses my health and wellness needs.

Me me me! It's all about me! I’m a good mom.

I talked to MM, and he agreed that one night a week he would put Emme down to bed without me, so that I can go to the gym. I’ll have to pump when I come home, but I think the benefit will be worth it. That means I’ll bring my weekly gym tally to a whopping two.

And... since it’s starting to be nice out and lighter out later, I plan to get back to running once a week outside. And by running, I probably mean run/walking. And if all else fails, you know, walking.

But one thing at a time.