Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Spring Reboot

Holy hell, it’s May. To kick off the month, I have hit rock bottom: I’m wearing yoga pants and a maternity top to work today. This is partially because I have not had time to switch out my winter wardrobe (Didn’t it snow last week?) and instead dumped bins of spring clothing onto my floor and grabbed the first non-sweater I could find, but also because I’m in one of those moods. You know, the mood where you are pretty sure that you should just give up and wear a tent.

Just me?

But from this point, I can only go up. Right? May is going to be better. May has to be better.

For starters, I am finally not sick--not quite healthy, but not sick. After being hit with seasonal allergies worse than I have ever experienced (I typically take one Claritin come the spring thaw and never think about it again), I can once again breath through my nose without the aid of a spray, which I’m pretty sure I was becoming addicted to. Neti pot to the rescue!

And so, as the babe hits the nine month mark (update later this week!), I feel strongly that we are at the beginning of the end of our nursing relationship (or at the very least the beginning of the end of me pumping three times a day), and I am desperate to get into a routine that better addresses my health and wellness needs.

Me me me! It's all about me! I’m a good mom.

I talked to MM, and he agreed that one night a week he would put Emme down to bed without me, so that I can go to the gym. I’ll have to pump when I come home, but I think the benefit will be worth it. That means I’ll bring my weekly gym tally to a whopping two.

And... since it’s starting to be nice out and lighter out later, I plan to get back to running once a week outside. And by running, I probably mean run/walking. And if all else fails, you know, walking.

But one thing at a time.

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