Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Baby to 10K

Remember when this was a blog about running? Haha. Me neither. But it was! And if I did anything right in August, it was decide that I was going to set a running goal and start, well, running again.

Even though I’m starting from scratch here, I decided that I needed something bigger than a 5K to convince myself that I needed to train for a race. Not that a 5K wouldn’t be a challenge for me at this point--it would--but in my head, I can rationalize not needing to “train” for a three mile run, even though I would need to train for a three mile run.

Makes total sense, right?

So I picked a local 10K, convinced Running Buddy Meg to do it too, and then wondered how we would approach training. After having babies in 2012, we needed to start at the beginning, but we needed something that would ramp up faster and go farther than a typical Couch to 5K program.

What makes programs like Couch to 5K so successful is that mentally it’s easy to wrap one’s head around short running intervals followed by walking breaks. And before you realize it, you’re running a lot more than you're walking. So, I created a similar program for us, and we’ve been following it pretty successfully. By Oct. 20, we should be ready to run 6.2 miles.

For the first time since giving birth, I’m actually excited to be running again and even thinking about other race possibilities.


GoddessLibrarian said...

Good for you! You'll be back up to double digits in no time. Good idea taking it from scratch though... Less pressure on yourself and less chance of injury (says the lady with tendinitis).

Good luck with the 10K!

Aileen said...

Great work, Lou! I know you can do it, and YOU know you can do it :)

S said...

As a new mom looking to get back into running, this post and training program is perfect for me. Thanks for not making my addled brain come up with a training schedule on my own. It would be something like "eat pop tarts and watch Netflix and hope you can run that race." So, this is better.