Thursday, September 11, 2014

We (I) Don't Live Here Anymore

To those of you who have stuck around for the long haul:

Don't you love when a random, dormant blog shows up in your reader? I do.

So I'm writing this LAST POST EVER (maybe? never say never?) to tell you that I've moved. I've started a new site, Mommy Sanest. It's basically a mommy blog, but my style is my style, and my interests are largely the same, so if you care to join me, you can expect to see a lot of health and wellness-type posts as well as general life ramblings and personal pep talks as I try to get it together... once and for all, this time... I hope.

Honestly, it makes me a little sad to shut down A View from the Park for good/real. This site has seen me through a lot--dating, marriage, a new house, three jobs, running, not running, eating, eating some more, having a baby. I consider the heyday of this blog to be the period of time between 2006-2008 when almost every post mentioned @ or running buddies Meg and Lindy. Lucky for me, all three are still a part of my life, so those stories have continued. Eight years and a handful of months is a long time to do anything.

But as they say, the show must go on, just not here (is that a thing they say?). I hope you'll join me over at Mommy Sanest.



Anonymous said...

I hope you will at least keep this blog alive in case we want to visit it from time to time.


Lou said...

I won't close the blog up entirely. It will still occupy this space. But the days of leaving then coming back for a random post are over... probably ;)